About Us

Founded by Amber Hart in 2017, The Natural Hart was created in response to her own personal health issues. By her own research and testimony, and through sharing with friends and family, her passion for “clean” beauty products is shared here, and defines her mission to continue to educate others.

What she learned about mainstream beauty products:

I decided to go against the grain of western medicine and take a more holistic approach to my health. This is how I discovered all of the numerous harmful, toxic and even unlisted ingredients that we have unknowingly been using for many years and the negative effects they have on our body systems. I was stunned. I knew I had to find better products, but with forty around the corner I also knew they had to be effective; this was a daunting task, even being as research driven as I am. I began to delve into the world of essential oils, botanicals and extracts, all natural beauty products and chemical free cleansers.  For years, before it was cool, I was even dubbed the oil lady.  

How The Natural Hart has evolved:

Throughout the past couple years, I have found some amazing products that helped when nothing else did. I have even began development of my own skincare line. The complexion serum is our first product to launch and the reviews have been amazing.  This has all led me to create a place, physical and online, that is a collection of clean and non-toxic products, that do not sacrifice efficacy or feeling beautiful. The transition into cleaner living can be very overwhelming, I want to help make this transition less stressful and dare I say, fun?  I am constantly researching and on the hunt for the best products and cutting edge information. This movement will continue to grow as we help to educate and bring beauty and wellness to a higher standard. This is just the beginning of my journey and I hope you will join me for yours! 


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