About Us

Founded in 2017, The Natural Hart was created in response to some personal health issues for Co-owner and founder Amber Hart.  In 2020 Melissa Hart, Co-owner and licensed Esthetician, brought her professional expertise and shared passion for safe and effective beauty.  By their own research and testimony, and through sharing with friends and family, their passion for natural beauty is shared here, and defines their mission to continue to educate others.


Together we have put together a collection of cleaner and more nautral products, that do not sacrifice efficacy or feeling beautiful. The transition into cleaner living can be very overwhelming, we want to help make this transition less stressful and dare we say, fun?  We are constantly researching and on the hunt for the best products and cutting edge information. This movement will continue to grow as we help to educate and bring beauty and wellness to a higher standard. This is just the beginning of our journey and we hope you will join us for yours! 

xo, Amber & Mel

Amber Hart & Melissa Hart  



 Melissa Hart, Co-Owner

I am so excited to bring my experstise and passion for holistic skincare and health to The Natural Hart.  I am a licesned Esthetician and live in Austin Texas.  I truly love giving facials, educating my clients, and am passionate about helping my clients feel comfortable in thier bare skin.  In person I offer a range of facial treatments and specialize in holistic beauty, as well as anti-aging alternatives.  If you do not live near Austin, I can offer my expertise virtually, to address your skin care concerns and round out your skin care regimen.  Visit my website to learn more HartYourSkin.com  and to contact me for an appointment.  Amber and I have curated products that we feel are the best of both worlds, both safe and effecitve.  Let's get glowing together! 


Amber Hart, Co-owner 

About 5 years ago I decided to go against the grain of western medicine and take a more holistic approach to my health. This is how I discovered all of the numerous harmful, toxic and even unlisted ingredients that we have unknowingly been using for many years and the negative effects they have on our body systems.  I knew there had to be better products, but with forty around the corner I also knew they had to be effective!  This has all led me to help create a place that is a collection of more clean and natural products, that do not sacrifice efficacy.  Feeling beautiful does not have to come at the cost of your heath!  



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